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Doing field research (literally!) with farmers in India

Image: Doing field research (literally in a field!) with farmers in India

Health has always been at the center of my life – whether it’s been conducting research for my Master’s thesis (“The Interface Between Civil Society and the State: A Case Study from Rural India “), writing a results report for the World Health Organization or the Public Health Agency of Canada, or indulging in my passion for cooking. Health is life; life is health.

My journey into a professional life focused on international public health began fifteen years ago, when I moved to Ottawa after completing my graduate studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Since then I’ve developed expertise in results-based management, performance measurement, results reporting, research and analysis, and producing succinct, lucid reports. I’ve worked for a range of organizations, both domestic and international. Some of the agencies I’ve worked for include:

  • Canadian International Development Agency
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • International Development Research Centre
  • World Health Organization (Western Pacific Regional Office)

Here’s the intro to my “official” bio:

I am an international public health consultant of over eighteen years’ standing with extensive experience in international project management, including results-based management, research, analysis, results reporting and communications. My experience also includes event management and content planning of high-level international events.

I have designed and managed complex, multi-million-dollar international development projects on behalf of government departments, NGOs and multilateral organizations. I have worked on regional, bilateral and multilateral projects and programs, primarily in the sectors of public health and gender equality.

My experience within the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) includes long-term involvement in international Public Health. I have also provided consulting services for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as for the World Health Organization’s Western Pacific Regional Office in the Philippines. Furthermore, I have provided consulting services to not-for-profit organizations such as World Vision Canada, the International Development Research Centre and Results-Based Management Group.

I have proven skills in planning, designing, managing and implementing challenging projects effectively. I am conscientious and reliable, and offer both vision and attention to detail. My approach is open and inclusive and I collaborate well with a variety of partners, often in testing circumstances. I am a strong team player, with an ability to inspire others. I am told I have extremely good organizational skills and that I also have exceptionally strong conceptual and writing skills.

I have written for a variety of audiences, including government departments, policy makers and practitioners, multilateral and bilateral organizations, domestic and international NGOs, from annual reports to policy briefs and program manuals.

Here’s a sample of the results I’ve achieved for some of my clients:

  • Wrote the 3rd Annual Progress Report for the Canada-Asia Regional Emerging Infectious Disease (CAREID) project,  including research and review of reports and material related to the project. (Client: CIDA)
  • Wrote a donor-friendly report summarising activities undertaken, and results achieved, in 2010 under the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases (APSED). (Client: WHO)
  • Researched, examined, and outlined the international deployment programs currently in place in key Government of Canada departments (and the mobilization models of organizations such as the Red Cross), and made recommendations on models that could be explored/utilized by the Public Health Agency of Canada. (Client: PHAC)
  • Researched and wrote a report on achievements of WHO in Avian and Pandemic Influenza. The report was used to highlight to donors and member states the recent accomplishments of WHO in global monitoring of, and preparation for, avian and pandemic influenza. (Client: WHO)

I currently live in Ottawa, having returned recently from living in Bali for two years.

Interested in hiring me? You can download my CV here.

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P.S. Here are my two boys, (a few years ago) playing with their rescued Bali street dog:










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